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"I know I mentioned this last time we met, but I was fascinated by the documentary "same game-different rules" and the bravery that shone through was remarkable. It brought tears to my eyes watching your determination to fight back and I know your courage will have helped a great many people in a similar situation."

Her Royal Highness - Princess Diana

"You are a genuine model of possibility, taking what some would consider to be a daunting circumstance and using it to help other people measurably improve the quality of their lives. I commend your courage and perseverance, and I wish you the best of luck in your speaking career - love and respect."

Anthony Robbins - Speaker, Author & TV Personality

"In my opinion, Mike is one of our outstanding citizens. He is on our wall of fame and displays courage second to none. In addition to courage, he displays determination and an unselfish attitude towards helping others."

Ben Franklin - Mayor of Nepean

"I wish Ivan Lendl, John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova could have a drinks party with Mike Nemesvary in the hope that they will begin to understand that there is life beyond the chalked rectangle. Mike is incomparably the bravest sportsperson I have met this year."

Ian Wooldridge - British Sports Journalist of The Year

"I Hope I can be as brave in my life as you are in yours - love."

Peter Gabriel - Musician


"Your level of professionalism, honesty and commitment was outstanding, and your amazing sense of humour added to the icing on the cake. If everyone was like you, we'd have no trouble making brilliant films every time!"

Mark Chapman - Producer, "Same Game-Different Rules"

"I greatly appreciated the opportunity of accompanying you to the "Stoke Mandeville World Games" for the disabled". I must admit that I think there is so much more we both can do for disabled sport as it deserves far greater recognition. I am already thinking of ways in which I may be able to assist and I am delighted that you feel inspired to take on more than you are already doing."

Colin B. Moynihan, Member of Parliament - British Minister for Sport

"Thanks for sharing your warm and charming personality during our recent interview. Your broadcasting skills were evident in your ability to convey your love for sport in terms that people who have never taken part could understand and enjoy. Your rich and appealing voice made our listeners feel relaxed and want to hear more and more of what you had to say about your many exploits."

Keith Butler - Producer, Radio 210

"Mike is a great asset to our program as he is able to explain his disability well and make people comfortable in relating to him. He also shows outstanding willingness to share his life experiences."

Sally Lockhart - Director, Disability Awareness & Prevention Program

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